“A thought-provoking exploration of the fundamental principles that govern our decision-making processes.”

Chad G.

You are the sum of your opportunities!

Understand how our opportunities have controlled our life and developed our roadmap.

Have you ever taken just a moment from everyday life, stopped, cleared your mind of all the clutter and wondered how you got to this point in your life?

I bet you're like everyone else, so the answer is most likely No! Same for me! It's sad that we go through life learning, experiencing, and enjoying life to its fullest and we don't really understand how our Opportunities controlled our life and developed our Roadmap.

This book is what I'll call a "Teaching Moment" where I'll share and demonstrate by example the importance of a process I call Opportunity-Choice-Why. In Chapters 1-9, I discuss Opportunity-Choice-Why in depth.

To give this book a little flavor, I have included in Chapters 10-23, my memoir filled with the Opportunity-Choice-Why of my life. I sincerely hope that you'll find my book interesting and take the Opportunity to learn and explore this concept.

In addition, I have 6 Guest Authors who share an experience about Opportunity and how it made a difference in their lives.

You'll never look at your life in the same way ever again!

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Update 12/08/2023
The book is available now on Amazon!
Over 115 books have been purchased so far, with many 5-star reviews!


Michael Martus

Michael Martus is a graduate of Wayne State University with a BS, MS, and specialist degree in Vocational Education. He worked as an educator in Pontiac, Michigan for 37.5 years teaching a variety of Vocational Education subjects including Robotics. He was leader of Team 47 Chief Delphi and Team 51 Wings of Fire. As a second career he worked with the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation from 2012 to 2022 as a Director of Regional Operations.

Accolades include:
  • Chrysler Corporation Engineering Educator Award, 1995
  • FIRST Robotics National Chairman's Award Team 47, 1997
  • Region One Innovative Program of the Year - Power Technology, 1999
  • Michigan HS Bowling Coaches Association Hall of Fame, 2003
  • FIRST Robotics Hall of Fame Team 47, 2003
  • Oakland Schools Hall of Fame Educator, 2004
  • FIRST Michigan Woodie Flowers Award, 2005
  • Indiana Robotics (IRI) Mentor of the Year, 2007
  • WWJ Radio 950 Michigan FIRST Robotics Teacher of the Year, 2008
  • REC Foundation STEM Hero Hall of Fame, 2022